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// GRAND CANYON OF TUOLUMNE // a wandering

// GRAND CANYON OF TUOLUMNE // a wandering

Location: Grand Canyon of Tuolumne, Yosemite National Park, CA

GPS Coordinates: 38.0200° N, 119.9400° W

Season: SUMMER

A yearly migration to reset the equilibrium of life. A place that evokes in equal measures awe and respect. Granite monoliths carved from the cradle of Earth only matched by the relentlessness of cascading falls. As we travel through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, we trace the pilgrimages of a now-gone people, the Me-Wuks of Tuolumne, and the footsteps of John Muir and Ansel Adams, ever-aware of the beauty seen with each step, each breath of rarified air. Trekking from Tuolumne, to Glen Aulin, to California Falls, to Waterwheels Falls, and back - this is a backpacking trip made for a the welcoming of balance - equilibrium set.


brian_glodney photography

Yosemite Tioga Pass
Yosemite Glen Aulin

Yosemite Granite

Yosemite Backpacking

Yosemite Upper Glen Aulin

Yosemite Refreshments

Glen Aulin Trail

California Falls


Night Sky

California Falls at Night

California Falls at night

California Falls Day

Grand Canyon of Tuolumne

Glen Aulin

The crew


brian_glodney photography

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